Frequently Asked Questions

Items may not be delivered to your Steam account for the following reasons:

  • In the setting of your account you specified an incorrect trade link. Links in section “Setting” on the site and in your trade offers on Steam must match

  • Your inventory on Steam is closed. For successful withdrawal of items your inventory should be open (visible to everyone on the Internet).

  • Your trade is blocked. Ban trade can be obtained if you registered on Steam less than a month ago, installed a mobile authenticator less than a month ago, logged into your account from a new device, etc. You can find out the reason of the ban by offering someone to exchange. In this case, until the end of the ban, you can not withdraw items by the blocked link

  • Problems with connection with Steam (for example, server doesn't answer). In this case try to withdraw items later.

You can see the errors of withdrawals of items in section “History of withdrawal” in your profile.

In this case contact our support and write the following information:

  • Your ID on the site (it is specified in your account in section “Setting”)

  • Name of bought case

  • Screenshot of the window with the entered activation key

  • Screenshot with error of activation after inputting the key

  • Screenshot of your Steam library



Fully automated system, quick receiving of the item



Long-term operational experience confirmed by real reviews



Guaranteed better than usual opening cases and a lot of StatTrak



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